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Law Reform - Call for Project Proposals

The Commission is currently making a call for project proposals as part of its ongoing review of the law of Northern Ireland, in accordance with its statutory duties. To this end, the Commission is inviting you or your organisation to put forward proposals for law reform projects on any areas of law which are in need of reform.

The Commission undertakes law reform projects where there are deficiencies in the law, where existing legislative provision is inadequate, or where it is inexistent. It also undertakes law reform work to modernise and simplify the law, and make it more accessible to the public. Typical deficiencies include inconsistencies, outdated rules and unnecessary complexity. These sometimes result from piecemeal development of legislation over time or adding layers of legislative provision to an outmoded framework.

The Commission is also developing its work on consolidation of statutes. Consolidation is a very worthwhile exercise because it brings together disparate pieces of legislation on the same topic and integrates them into a single piece of legislation. This makes it much easier to find the relevant law on a give topic and is easier to use. In addition to proposals for law reform, the Commission would be grateful to receive suggestions for possible areas which would benefit from consolidation.

The Commission is committed to widespread public engagement in selecting its law reform projects and welcomes proposals from all sectors and from the public. Our aim is to improve the Northern Ireland statute book, modernise it, and make it more user-friendly. We hope, therefore, that you will be able to assist us in identifying areas of law which would benefit from consideration by the Commission.

We will be pleased to hear from you at any stage but ideally we would like to receive responses by the end of March 2013.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ms Judena Goldring
Chief Executive

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